Thinkflow FAQs

Although we are considering a subscription fee for the future, right now Thinkflow is completely free to use.
First, sign out of by clicking on the “gear” icon in the upper right of your screen, then choose “Sign Out”. Once you are signed out, click the “Sign In” button in the upper right of your screen. Below the password box, there will be a “Forgot your password?” link. Click that link and follow the instructions from there.
Thinkflow uses pattern recognition algorithms that are looking for matches in your transaction history to things like transaction names, dates, categories, and amounts to identify your recurring transactions. Since these pieces of data can vary widely depending on the type of recurring transaction that it is and where it came from, we sometimes get the prediction wrong. We’re always working to make our cashflow prediction more accurate, so let us know if you have an issue and we’ll do better!
Thinkflow utilizes the latest in modern data security measures and our application is hosted in the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud. In addition, we only collect a few pieces of data from you – Name, email address, and bank transaction data. We don’t collect sensitive information such as account numbers, routing numbers, addresses, birthdays, or social security numbers.
When you link your bank account to Thinkflow, you are entering your bank login credentials into Plaid, a business partner we use that retrieves your bank transaction data into the Thinkflow application. We don’t store any of your bank credentials and we don’t even know what your account or routing number is. We store only the transaction data in our secure database. For more information about Plaid, please visit
The "discretionary spending estimate" is our best guess at how much you might spend on discretionary items such as eating out and entertainment on a particular day of the week. It is based on your past spending and intended to be merely an estimate of your future discretionary spending.
Please visit our "Contact Us" page at and send us an email describing your issue. We promise we’re reading your email and will respond as soon as we can.